New Revic PMR428 scope with fully integrated ballistic solver and HUD

    In the “Made in BavariaUnique Alpina booth at IWA 2017, the TFB team discovered some irresistible sniper rifles and optics.

    It’s hard to find any information about the Revic PMR428 on the Internet, but the solution looks very interesting.

    From our visit we could collect the following facts:

    The Revic PMR428 features:

    • Heads-up display
    • Turret position encoder
    • Environmental sensors
    • On-board Ballistics Computer
    • Bluetooth connection
    • vBDC with “Dynamic Intelligence” (Virtual Bullet Drop Compensation)

    Sleek design and a nice color.

    Picture courtesy of Finnaccuracy

    Fully integrated ballistic solver (vBDC) and HUD. The scope looked really nice from the outside, and the optics felt really good as far as you can evaluate them at an exhibition.

    Picture courtesy of Finnaccuracy

    When you adjust the elevation turret, the vBDC is activated and automatically corrects for inclination, compass direction, temperature and pressure.

    Total windage correction is derived from heading, speed inputs and spin drift.

    So you dial the range and call the wind (etc.), and then you are supposed to hit your target.

    Picture courtesy of Finnaccuracy

    Below: Unique Alpine Ballista, the receiver is labelled 7,62×51 NATO, 300 Win Mag and 338 Lapua Magnum.

    The Revic PMR428 in a QD mount.

    The barrels can be changed in less than one minute without any special tools or other devices and fixed repeatability in the system by means of four loss-protected integrated clamping screws.

    This is a setup I could live with. We’ll cover the tripod later.

    For the Revic scope, the availability was said to be towards the end of 2017″ with a metric and MRAD based reticle. There is no price at the moment.

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.