Philippines Gets A New SDMR

    Thanks to Azril B. for sharing this new rifle development in the Philippines.

    This is what newest firearms development from our neighbour Philippines. 
    On 28 February 2017, Philippines’s Government Arsenal (GA) , The Philippine government agency under Department of National Defense handing over to Philippines Armed Forces (PAF) their new refurbished M16A1 rifles upgraded to “Squad Designated Marksman Rifle” in GA headquarters in Bataan. According to GA website, about 50 unit refurbished M16A1 handed to PAF consist of :- 
    1) 46 units of 16 inch Mid-Length Carbines
    2) 10 unit with Aim-Point Sight
    3) 04 units of SDMR with ACOG optical sight
    From the look at it, apparently the rifle is refurbished with new picatiny rail, flip front and back sight, new coat and new barrel (on SDMR variant). If you ask me, it look very similar like Canadian Diemaco C7/8 rifle.
    Although Philippines arms industry is seem kinda little than giant like H&K or Beretta. But still they could produce some interesting firearms. For example joint American-Philippines built Ferfrans SOAR was proven and used by Royal Malaysian Police UTK as general service rifle (FERFRANS_SOAR_UTK_PDRM Credits:Wikipedia). 
    Still. This is an interesting development.
    (p.s :- I not sure if this a refurbished or newly built rifle since (picture :002) you can see the rifle box is marked as “Rifle, 5.56mm, M16A1 (Refurbished))



    Here is the Ferfans

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