Idiot Packs Ground Burst Simulators and Grenades In Luggage

    The Transportation Security Administration releases a week in review showing what prohibited items they recovered the week prior. There have been some doozies and they did a pretty decent job of putting together a weirdest finds video for last year, but what I saw when I opened the email this time took me a bit off guard and made me really question the intelligence of some travelers.

    We have all waited in line to be rapeyscanned (Rapiscan) and looked at another passenger in line or two and thought what in the hell are you doing? Now the bag that had the explosives was checked, but I am sure that they owner of the ordnance was exactly the type for me to ask “what the hell are you doing” in my head.

    Inside the checked back there was a large ammo can with a big orange label on the side that said EXPLOSIVES (Hint, they ask you when you check in if you have any prohibited items) that contained no less than THREE ground burst simulators, two live M83 smoke grenades, and one inert practice grenade.

    What. The. Hell?

    You can check out the TSA blog to see their week in review, they are released every week and detail how many firearms were recovered as well as highlights of some of the more interesting prohibited items.