TorkMag Launches The G-Block Mag Well Conversion For AR-15 To Glock Mags With A Video

    Our good friends over at TorkMag have launched the new G-Block mag well with a video showing the new conversion block in use. Our very own Ray got a chance to catch up with Jarret at SHOT 2017 and was able to look at one of the prototypes at the show, you can read his post HERE.

    Since SHOT Jarrett has refined the design a bit to bring the price to a palatable level and is planning a roll out this summer. The two-piece design allows it to fit into any standard 5.56/.223 AR mag well and use standard 9mm or .40 S&W Glock magazines depending on what caliber you have. TorkMag also includes a jig to modify your Glock mags so that they utilize the factory AR mag catch.

    I have high hopes for the G-Block since I am one of the many short barreled rifle owners out there that have a 5.56 lower that I would love to quickly convert to accept a 9mm upper and Glock mags to run one of my AR SBRs in a pistol caliber carbine match.

    Check out the G-Block Mag Well over at the TorkMag website, it appears that the MSRP is going to be $74.95 and will include the mag cutting guide with the two-part mag well.