RWS Introduces New 10.3x68mm Magnum Cartridge

    RWS has introduced a new hunting cartridge – 10.3x68mm. It is a magnum cartridge with a belted case and 10.3 caliber projectile. This caliber (10.54mm (.415″) projectile diameter) has some popularity in Europe in the form of 10.3x60R Swiss cartridge. But the latter has some limitations to it. So in order to meet the demands of modern hunters with the desired caliber, RWS designed this new cartridge. The company markets it as a universal cartridge, which will do the job on a wide variety of game: from small game up to African buffalo.

    The new cartridge is capable of being loaded with bullets weighing from 170 to 400 grains. According to the manufacturer, depending on the load its performance can be similar to .30-06 Springfield and all the way up to .416 Remington Magnum. The company will offer the 10.3x68mm round with two projectiles. One is a 208-grain RWS EVO Green bullet, which is a lead-free projectile. The second one is RWS Tip Pro bullet weighing about 285 grains. These two are the initial offerings and more loads will be added later.

    RWS calls this cartridge a “Smart Magnum” in their motto for it:

    It’s a Magnum, a SmartMagnumTM

    It seems that everything possible in ammunition design is already invented. Besides production calibers, there are tons of wildcats, so there is a cartridge for any specific task. However, companies like RWS and Nosler still manage to offer new cartridges which make sense. 

    Hrachya H

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