Double Tap Trigger – Affordable Pull/Release Trigger

    Double Tap Arms is making a pull/release for only $200. No they are not the ones who make the Double Tap pistol. Some of you may be familiar with the Fostech Echo trigger or the Franklin Armory Binary Trigger. Both of those are a three position trigger but they are around $500. The Echo requires the use of their proprietary BCG.

    The Double Tap Trigger is a simpler version of those triggers. It does not have a single shot mode. It is only safe and pull/release.

    They have three triggers available. MP15-22, MPX, and AR15.



    If you check out their Instagram page, they are working on a pull/release trigger for the AK.

    As I said above, their triggers are only $200. Not bad. You could buy two of them for the price of an Echo or BFSIII. If you are ok with only having pull/release then this looks like an affordable option.

    Go to for more info.

    FYI: Franklin released a a video cautioning people about modifying triggers to become pull/release triggers. It is not known if the Double Tap Triggers are a modified trigger so do your due diligence and do some research.

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