Strike Industries J-COMP 2.0 for 7.62 Caliber AK Rifles

    Strike Industries now makes an improved version of their J-COMP muzzle device for AK rifles. The new J-COMP 2.0 comes with a 14×1 left-hand metric thread pitch, which is used in most AK-47 rifles and its derivatives chambered in 7.62x39mm caliber.

    The J-COMP 2.0 is actually a muzzle brake and compensator hybrid. It features two muzzle brake chambers and has an improved geometry which results in better muzzle rise compensation compared to the previous model. It is also compatible with Oppressor and FerFrans blast mitigation devices.

    The compensator comes with a crush washer, but it also has a notch at its base for alignment and retention via a conventional plunger detent found in most of the AK-style rifles. J-COMP 2.0 weighs 3.6 oz, it has an overall length of 2.55″ and outside diameter is .87″. It is listed on Strike Industries’ website at MSRP of $39.95.

    The J-COMP 2.0 design is based on the Japanese Howa Type 89 rifle’s muzzle device. Below is the image of that rifle’s front portion:

    The idea of bringing military muzzle devices into the civilian market is pretty interesting. Many of such designs are not just the result of somebody’s imagination or made to look good over being practical. Considering that military adopted devices have already passed many tests and trials, it is a wise move to bring them to the civilian market.

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