Pistol Caliber Carbine Effective At Distance

    Haley Strategic shows a pistol caliber SMG can get combat effective hits out to 300 yards. The 300 yard hits are a bit of a stretch but it can be done.

    Here is a screen capture of his hits using a 25 yard zero. 50 yards is a couple inches high and the 100 yard hits are opening up but close to the 25 yard zero.


    At 200 yards there is a 24″ drop in hits. James points out that those hits would be in the pelvic region assuming you did not adjust your POA. Which is still combat effective.

    300 yards was a little bit different. With this particular gun and ammo combination, he had to hold over by about 10 feet to get hits on target.

    Have any of our readers used a pistol caliber carbine out to distance?

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