Modern Duplex Cartridges by David Tubb (Absolute 2-Hole Ammunition)

    About a month ago, I was writing a post about David Tubb’s new rifle and while browsing in his website I came across this very unusual and interesting ammunition. With the subject of experimental ammunition being among my top interests (I am sure of many of our readers’ too), I couldn’t help but write about this. This new ammunition reminds me of the US project SALVO multi-projectile ammunition. It is actually a two projectile load a.k.a “Duplex cartridge”.

    So this is a .308 Win ammunition called “Absolute 2-Hole”. It is loaded with two separate projectiles sitting on each other. The combined weight of two bullets is 350 grains. They come with both supersonic and subsonic loads. The two bullets impact in close proximity to each other thus increasing the terminal performance and hit probability.

    The first (top) bullet is a flat base hollow point and weighs 135 grains. It has a thin jacket with pure lead core and is supposed to expand quickly. The second (bottom) one is a round nose soft point bullet and weighs 200 grains. The second projectile’s purpose is to provide better penetration. So unlike SALVO projectiles, these are purposely made to perform differently on the target.

    The Absolute 2-Hole ammunition is designed to be possible to shoot from AR-10 style semi-auto rifles without a need for any modifications. Projectile lengths and weights are calculated so that they are compatible with barrels that have 1:12″ or faster twist rates. And of course, it will perfectly work in bolt action (or any other manual action) rifles too.

    Here is a video showing the performance of these duplex loads on steel targets:

    The Absolute 2-Hole ammunition comes in 20 round boxes with MSRP of $59.99.

    Besides being a very interesting round in terms of ammunition technology, this loads can have some unmatched practical advantages too. At least it can definitely be a good hunting round.

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