Top 5 Ways To Reload From Slide Lock Tested

    Ever want to see the top 5 ways to reload from slide lock put to the test? You are in luck! Reloading your pistol faster from slide lock isn’t witchcraft, it only takes practice and the right method. In this episode of TFBTV, Patrick takes an analytical look at the 5 basic ways to reload a pistol from slide lock and puts them to the test. Check out the difference in Patrick’s reload times using each one of the methods. Keep in mind Patrick is not a competition shooter, merely a recreational shooter that likes to work on getting better on the range. Maybe one day he will work up the nerve to enter a match.

    Huge hat tip to the guys over at Primary & Secondary, especially Bill and Matt, for their commitment to learning and the use of their footage. Make sure that you check out Bill’s video where he talks more about the benefits of each method.

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