Pistol Pouch— A shooters personal creation

    Eric Miller posted his creation in a FN owners group. He made this pistol pouch for carrying in a vehicle.

    This is the chest pack I sewed for my FNP 45 tactical.
    You can open carry or concealed carry with it.
    It’s very comfortable to wear.
    And it makes easy access when you’re sitting in the car.

    It reminds me of the Pizza pouch.


    While it looks a little absurd, it does seem rather handy. Almost like a chest holster. Some people thought the pouch might melt. However if he fires his gun so much to melt the plastic, I think he may have more concerns that take priority such as “why did he shoot that much?”.

    Im not sure about open carrying such a design and curious how slow this would be to draw out of when concealed. Its not like you can leave your jacket or IDPA vest open while still concealing this.

    What are your thoughts?

    Nicholas C

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