François Hollande speech: Police Sniper accidentally opens fire, 2 injured

    “J’espère qu’il n’y a rien de grave” – I hope nothing serious happened – those were the words as François Hollande heard a gun shot to his left. Monsieur Hollande was speaking to the public inside a tent, and then continued his speech.

    François Hollande is a French politician who used to be the President of the French Republic.

    What just had happened was that a French Elite Police stumbled with his sniper rifle and opened fire on by mistake, as he was changing position. 

    Two persons were slightly injured, as the stray bullet penetrated the tent and a hit a butler in the leg and a train worker in the foot. Luckily authorities have confirmed that it will stop at minor injuries.

    According to the newspaper Sud Ouest, the Police sniper belongs to an elite unit within the Gendarmerie from the City of Poitiers. I am sure he has seen better days and I hope both he and the injured are fine during the circumstances.

    We can only speculate, but I would guess the caliber was .308 Win.

    As always, please respect the Laws of Gun Safety. Below are the ones that the National Rifle Association provide:

    1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
    2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
    3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

    Link to video and background (French source): HERE and HERE.


    Inspector Clouseau jokes are welcome in the comments, or is it too soon?

    Eric B

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