Finally – Making the Base AR-15 Charging Handle Ambidextrous – Sintercore’s xRS

    The standard AR-15 charging handle is both loved and hated. Often one of the most underappreciated pieces on the rifle (perhaps only behind the buffer retention pin or castle nut), the charging handle was designed for a very specific mode of operation, namely using two fingers and pulling to the rear over the buttstock. Few can argue this is an ergonomic motion.

    While various aftermarket options exist for complete charging handles and various “kits” exist that simply extend the charging handle latch, the fundamental operation of the base charging handle always required the latch to be disengaged, making it right-hand shooter “friendly”. Fortunately, Sintercore, known for their Tripwire ambidextrous charging handle (previously reviewed here), has come up with an easy solution for the standard handle – add in a bit of Tripwire.

    The new xRS kit swaps out the latch itself, using a contoured latch and a higher pressure spring to keep the charging handle in place, while removing the need to disengage the latch with a finger – simply pull to the rear from either side.

    The xRS kit works with almost all common “basic” charging handles. Its a drop-in kit that includes the latch, spring, some pre-cut grip tape (a nice touch) and a mil-spec roll pin (in case you lose yours). Pricing is at $23 retail, but for launch the kit is a sublime bargain at $11.50 including shipping. 

    Rimfire fans will also appreciate that a specific kit has been created for the Smith & Wesson 15-22. It has the same pricing. 


    Nathan S

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