3D Printed Replica Guns Seized In Australia

    A 27 year old Sci-Fi fan has been making 3D printed replicas of guns. He was caught trying to sell one on social media.

    Police located and seized four imitation pistols, including a 3D-manufactured small Glock, a 3D-manufactured Glock, a 3D-manufactured Sig 250, two air pistols, computer equipment, and two 3D printers

    I bet he downloaded the 3D renderings online and printed them at home. I am surprised to see the level of detail on the Glock. I would be interested to see if it could take real Glock components and function. Not to shoot bullets, but to see how well it was replicated.

    At what point does replica gun making become “illegal”. I doubt any of those would function. Looking at crudely made guns like the ones made by Royal Nonesuch, these look harmless.

    I am not sure about the laws in Australia, but in the UK, you can get demilled guns and replica guns made of steel.

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