Polenar Tactical Releases AK Operator DVD

    Slovenian Youtube Channel and training company Polenar Tactical has finally released their “AK Operator Training” instruction series. The series is available shipped on DVD, USB, or can even be streamed on Vimeo when bought from the company’s website for 36 Euros (including tax). Polenar Tactical first began discussing producing such a series in 2012, and I was very much looking forward to the final product and even contributed towards their public Indie Gogo fundraising campaign. Since 2012 I practically forgot about the DVD, consigning myself to accepting that it wasn’t going to finish completion. But to my welcome surprise, after meeting the Polenar Tactical guys at SHOT 2017, I was overjoyed to hear that production of the DVD was finally out and it was shipping. I would very much like to get a copy of the DVD myself, and hopefully review it for our readers here.

    AK Operator” training DVD includes almost 3 hours of educational and entertaining material.

    It consists of the following chapters and subchapters:

    –          »Introduction«

    –          »Safety rules«

    –          »Know your rifle«

    o   Rifle features

    o   Operating system

    o   Field strip

    o   Maitenance

    o   Ballistics

    –           »Getting started«

    o   Magazines

    o   Proper grip & handling

    o   Loading & unloading

    o   Shooting stances

    o   Marksmanship

    o   Zeroing the rifle

    –          »Rifle manipulations«

    o   Reloads

    o   Malfunctions

    o   Shoulder transitions

    o   Rifle to handgun transitions

    –           »Advanced techniques«

    o   Rifle ready positions

    o   Shooting from cover

    o   Unorthodox shooting positions

    o   One handed emergency operations

    + 11 chapters of bonus content

    When it comes to Kalashnikov instructional materials, Polenar Tactical’s product might exceed some of the other material on the market, or it might be just as good. I honestly can’t tell without actually seeing the instructional portions. However what I can say is that I’m willing to support any serious and dedicated effort to producing something like this out of Europe. Unlike the United States, throwing some Kalashnikovs in a car and heading out to a range to shoot some video just isn’t possible like we are accustomed to. Under Europe’s stifling firearms regulations, making an entire series of videos like this, in English, using actual Kalashnikovs is nothing short of an incredible feat.

    Phil Note: I ordered a copy of this video for Miles to review for our readers.


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