EDC101 Artfully Puts WIRED.COM In Line With Facts

    ECD101.com, a blog dedicated to the crap that lives in our pockets every day, artfully slaps WIRED.COM squarely across its face with facts. Bravo EDC101. Bravo

    Like always, I want to point out that we are non-political here, but this fact checking article by Dave Estes is nothing short of a masterpiece. Far too often news outlets report on only a small section of data in order to give their story the legs that the person putting it together feels it needs.

    The video in question highlighted a perceivedĀ “gun addiction” in America, if you care to watch it it is posted on WIRED.COM as The Numbers Don’t Lie: America’s Got a Gun Addiction.

    Dave systematically looks up all of the data used in the video and finds that there is some selective reporting to drive home WIRED’s point. This is a personal annoyance for me and IĀ love seeing people set the record straight. It is far too important to have the whole picture when making a decision or determination about anything, but finding good solid data has become rather hard for the general public not willing to spend the time digging into charts and graphs.

    I strongly encourage you to read Dave’s post about America’s perceived gun problem on the EDC101 website, he does a wonderful job of keeping the politics light and sticking to easily found facts. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.