OPINION: Brass To Face Is NOT A Malfunction

    Like it or not, Brass To Face or BTF malfunctions are not a thing. Sure, it is an annoying thing to happen when you are at the range but it is far from a malfunction. I am not going to dive into the reason for the brass to be ejected towards the face, there are tons of videos and posts all over the internet that dive into this so-called malfunction.

    Sure, there are those that feel that a piece of hot brass hurtling towards their face in a self-defense situation is dangerous and could blind you. I guess that is a concern. I counter that if you are using your gun in a self-defense situation, the last thing I care about is being bonked in the face by some warm brass. Don’t care if it burns me, don’t care if it sticks to my eye even, I just care that the brass is out of the gun and a fresh cartridge is loaded into the chamber so that I can stop the threat. Not that I want brass stuck to my eye, but if I need a gun in a defensive situation that is preferable to whatever might await me should my gun actually fail.

    In my humble opinion, brass to face “malfunctions” are just another thing for people to gripe about. It is in no way an actual malfunction since the brass has obviously left the gun and is being replaced with a fresh round.

    Stop worrying about things that don’t matter, shoot more. Over time you don’t even notice where the brass goes because you will be hyper-focused on something that matters like controlling recoil, lining the sights up, jerking the trigger while not moving the sights or some other important fundamental.

    Is it correctable? Yes. Does it really matter? Not so much.

    Click here for the source video that the cover photo was taken from.

    UPDATE: Seems that some of you just don’t seem to understand what I am saying. I am not excusing brass to face, I am making the point that it is not a malfunction in the sense that the gun’s operation has been halted. If the gun works all the time but occasionally tosses a spent case towards your face, there is no need to discount it for carry use.