New Powerhouse from Coast Products

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    Coast Products introduced a new flashlight at the recent SHOT Show that offers up to 1,200 lumens of light with a variable focus and a run time measured in hours, not minutes. The new light is called the HP314R.


    The new light runs on both alkaline and a rechargeable battery pack. The included battery pack charges via a micro USB port, and it can be charged either inside the flashlight or outside of it. This allows you to charge a pack while still operating the light on another set of batteries.

    The light also has a USB power out. This allows you to charge your cell phone or other device with the flashlight. If you opt to run alkaline batteries, four D-cells are needed.

    Coast flashlight


    On the high output mode, the rechargeable pack makes 1,000 lumens. Alkaline cells squeeze out a bit more light and are rated at 1,200 lumens.

    Coast includes a sliding focus so you can adapt the light to your needs. At the maximum focus, you get a beam distance of about 2,700 feet with both battery sources.

    Run Time

    Run time is impressive. On a set of alkaline batteries, the light is rated at 3.25 hours on its high output. With the rechargeable batteries, the rating jumps up to 10 hours.

    The MSRP on this flashlight is $499. I would expect “street” pricing to be less. Coast Products covers this light with a lifetime warranty.

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