Dead Air Armament Casper Compact Silencer

    Ok, that headline about the Dead Air Casper is slightly dishonest – fake TFB news! Unless I missed the real announcement, Dead Air Armament is not actually releasingĀ a new micro silencer. Although I could see the Pappas/Hughes/Magee team coming up with a similar setup.

    Jorge at Capitol Armory was kind enough to share some pictures and details of his Form 1 silencer build. Named the “Casper” the base for his project is the small extension from Dead Air’s Ghost M modular pistol suppressor. After receiving his blessing from the ATF, Jorge contacted Morgan at Class 3 Machining for a custom mount.

    The end result is a tiny .45 caliber silencer that looks and performs great on an MP5K or a Glock. Awesome.

    Combining the Ghost with the Casper makes an overall NFA rarity – a two stamp silencer.

    Dead Air Casper Form 1 Silencer:


    @gunstamps trying out my @deadairsilencers Caspers LittleDingDing on my @dakotatactical D54RN MP5. Also shot LittleDingDing on my GSG 1911-22 pistol. Caspers LittleDingDing was originally the modular end piece of the Dead Air Ghost. The Ghost sounds so good in the short configuration that I decided to make the extension its own silencer. Caspers is a play on words since it was originally part of the Ghost. @morgan.richey of Class 3 Machining was able to make me a threaded fixed mount for it so I can use it on 9mm carbines & also 22lr Firearms. It’s louder than any normal 22 or 9mm can but still pleasant to shoot. Maybe one day I’ll get a piston housing made for it. If LittleDingDing sounds this good, just imagine what the Ghost sounds like


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