Browning – More Support for 6.5 Creedmoor

    Browning X-Bolt Hunter

    Browning is now fully supporting the 6.5 Creedmoor across much of its rifle line. Introduced in 2007, this cartridge has caught on with a lot of shooters in the past few years. As a result, I’ve seen a lot of companies introduce new guns for this cartridge and update old lines to include it. Browning introduced 6.5 Creedmoor versions of many of its rifles this year.

    Here are some of the guns that can now be had from Browning that are chambered for this cartridge:

    • X-Bolt Varmint Stalker with Mossy Oak Brush stock – This is a bolt action rifle with a camo synthetic stock.
    • X-Bolt Hunter – The Hunter has a walnut stock with recoil pad, adjustable trigger and a rotary magazine.
    • X-Bolt Micro Midas – This is one of Browning’s reduced size rifles. It has a shortened walnut stock, blued barrel and short throw bolt action.
    • X-Bolt Medallion Safari Grade – This is a new line from Browning that features a gloss finished grade V/VI walnut stock and a blued barrel with target crown and gold accented barrel engraving.
    • X-Bolt Medallion – The Medallion has a gloss finished walnut stock and a blued barrel.
    • X-Bolt High Grade Hunter – This has an oil-finished grade III/IV walnut stock and a blued octagon rifle.
    • X-Bolt White Gold Medallion – Nicely finished bolt-action rifle with a polished stainless barrel and action, gloss walnut stock and gold engraving.
    • X-Bolt Eclipse Hunter – This is a thumbhole stock bolt gun.
    • AB3 Hunter – Bolt action rifle with walnut stock, 60˚ throw and detachable magazine.
    • AB3 Composite Stalker – Similar to the AB3 Hunter but with a black synthetic stock.
    • AB3 Micro Stalker – A smaller version of the Composite Stalker above for smaller shooters.
    Richard Johnson

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