BREAKING: HK Releases SFP9 L, SFP9 SK, Maritime and Optics Ready Pistols

    Heckler and Koch has just announced a few additions to their polymer pistol lineup. Known as the VP9 in the United States and SFP9 in Europe, H&K is adding the much awaited long slide SFP9 L and compact SFP9 SK variants to the current SFP9/VP9 offerings. Digging a little deeper, you’ll find a Maritime model as well as an Optics Ready model.

    A few interesting features: One, there’s an option for either a push button or paddle magazine release. Two, optional 20 round magazines. Three, an optional manual safety lever.

    Obviously we need to dig deeper into the specifications for other hidden gems. But the announcement will obviously elate H&K fans everywhere.


    SFP9 L Features

    • Firing pin energy equivalent to that of hammer pistols
    • Trigger, firing pin and disassembly safety
    • Fully pre-cocked system
    • TR-Trigger (30-35 N) or „Special Forces“ SF-Trigger (20-25 N)
    • Paddle or Push Button magzine release
    • With or without external safety lever
    • Firing pin indicator on rear of slide
    • Low hand position enables quick and accurate follow-up shots
    • Ambidextrous operation for right and left-handed shooters (magazine and slide release)
    • Patented exchangeable charging supports
    • Ideal grip ergonomics
    • Exchangeable back straps and patented grip shells (27 grip combinations) for ideal adaptation to all hand sizes
    • No tools needed to strip to main assembly groups
    • Loaded chamber indicator
    • Sights with high-performance luminescent (non-radioactive) contrast points/bar
    • Guaranteed to function with an additional accessory load on the Picatinny rail of up to 160 g
    • Guaranteed and approved to function safely with all types of ammunition according to NATO, TR, C.I.P. and SAAMI
    • Guaranteed to function with all types of ammunition according to NATO and TR
    • Available in black or green brown
    • Training systems available. Colour marker pistol SFP-FX and SFP-CM as well as SFP9 handling practice pistol

    SFP9 L Specifications

    • Calibre 9 mm x 19
    • Operating principle Recoil-operated with modified Browning locking system
    • Magazine capacity 15/20 rounds
    • Trigger system SA (Single Action)
    • Magazine release Paddle or Push Button
    • Safety lever with or without safety lever


    • Length approx. 209.00 mm
    • Width approx. 33.0 mm
    • Height approx. 137.0 mm
    • Barrel length approx. 127 mm
    • Sight radius approx. 184.0 mm


    • Weapon with magazine approx. 770
    • Magazine approx. 93/124 g

    Other Data

    • Trigger pull ca. 30-35 N
    • Trigger travel approx. 11 mm
    • Reset approx. 5 mm
    • Muzzle velocity ca. 440 m/s
    • Muzzle energy ca. 580 Joule
    • Barrel profile | Twist

    SFP9 SK

    SFP9 SK | Subcompact

    The modern SFP9 Striker Fired Pistol is a fully pre-cocked system with single-action trigger in calibre 9 mm x 19. The pistol’s standard features include unique characteristics and innovative details. Patented charging supports at the rear of the slide simplify and assist charging without injury. The disassembly process requires no tools and guides the user through a mandatory course of action, offering maximum safety to prevent accidents. The weapon cannot be disassembled unless the magazine has been removed. Unlike comparable models of pistols, the weapon automatically de-cocks itself when disassembled. In addition, the trigger need not be pulled before disassembly. The magazine and ergonomics concept of the P30 were transferred to the new series of pistols. Not only does the SFP9 use P30 magazines, it also features interchangeable back straps and grip shells to provide a total of 27 individual grip shape combinations. Its excellent trigger characteristics promote maximum accuracy during rapid fire sequences. It is based on a well-balanced relationship between hand position, light trigger pull and short trigger travel and reset.



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