New Tharros Industries Halo 1 Slide – Master Chief Would be Proud

    I’ve waxed nostalgic and written many words on the rise of Glock as the predominant user-customizable handgun platform. Despite not having the backing of the US Military, the Glock’s design, popularity and seriously low parts count, and expired patents have made it the premier handgun for user customization. Entire companies have sprung forth based on it ranging from lauded Lone Wolf Distributors to the extreme high-end Agency Arms.

    It would seem there is still room at the high end of the spectrum where newcomer Tharros Industries has been teasing their first offering, the Halo 1 slide. Certainly inspired by the Halo games, the Halo 1 slide is designed to bring out the inner child and Master Chief in shooters. It features aggressive and distinct serrations along with a cut-out for the new Shield SMS optic.

    Machined from a solid piece of 416 stainless steel, the slide has “closer tolerances where it is necessary for accuracy, but still being open for reliability.”

    Retail pricing starts at $800 for the stripped slide, but can work its way up to $1395 including the optic and completed slide internals (sans barrel and recoil spring). Colors available include Ebony (Black), Iridium Grey, Oxford Blue, Aphotic Bronze, and Slate Silver. At launch, it is only available for the G17 in Gen 3 form.

    Normally, I’d bemoan the high price, but this is seriously one attractive piece of hardware. The muzzle end is particularly striking. If I had the cred, I would certify this as “bad arse.”

    I volunteer as tribute to review!

    Nathan S

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