Spartan Precision “Javelin” Carbon Fiber Bipods

    Spartan Precision Equipment is a British company, which makes a lightweight bipod called Javelin. The bipod is made of carbon fiber combined with 7075 aluminum and S316 stainless steel parts. The shortest version of the Javelin bipod weighs 5.25 oz.

    As you can see all the parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials. The aluminum parts are black anodized.

    Another feature of the bipod is that it attaches to the rifle using magnets! So first you need to screw a mounting bracket (or should I say socket) using the provided screw. The bipod itself has a rare earth metal magnet which sticks to that mounting screw. You may say that it is not a robust construction and the bipod can simply fall out in the field and especially in combat. That’s what I thought first too. However, the manufacturer markets these bipods for use on hunting rifles. Also, the idea behind the magnet attachment is that you carry it separately (say in your pocket or in a pouch) and snap it on the rifle once there is a need. So the quick detaching feature’s point is not to carry the bipod on the gun.

    Legs of the bipod are telescoping. The cant is adjustable and maximum leg spread is 55 degrees. Javelin bipods come in short and long versions. The short one provides 6.5″ to 9.5″ of weapon elevation and is 8″ long when stored. The long version is a little bit heavier (5.6 oz) and gives 8.5″ to 13″ rifle height with 9.5″ overall length.

    The bipod legs have rubber feet, which double as caps covering tungsten tips, which you can expose should you need to use the bipod on any surface where the tungsten spikes will give you a better purchase on.

    The MSRP for both the long and short versions is $295 on the manufacturer’s website.

    Here is a video showing how to install the Javelin bipod on your rifle:

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