POF Triples Ammunition Output

    Right on the heels of Iran’s state ammunition factory doubling ammunition output, Pakistani Ordnance Factory (POF) announced a three fold increase in ammunition due to expanding POF’s brass mil. At first glance this could be a strategic measure, amping up for more fighting in the FATA areas or even preparing for conflicts with India. But as cited by Quwa, it probably has more to do with POF exporting ammunition to Saudi Arabia (also a strategic measure on the Saudi side in the Yemen fight), in addition to competing to supply brass to Italian gunmaker Fiocchi. There might also be a local civilian factor as specifically quoted by the Pakistani Prime Minister┬áMuhammad Nawaz Sharif while visiting the new production facilities. Most of the news reports about this development appear to show that the output is just in brass, and isn’t whole cartridges for issue. Which probably points more to the overseas exporting to companies like Fiocchi that would then use the brass to load their own rounds. One would suspect that the brass is in 7.62x39mm but this could possibly not be the case if Fiocchi is involved.

    Whether it is tripling ammunition output, or upgrading to the CZ Bren, Pakistan is in the process of upgrading small arms across the board. From Pakistan’s strategic location between India and Afghanistan, there is much to pay attention to in terms of the countries defense industry.


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