New Benelli M4: Just Add Water

    Benelli M4

    Benelli recently announced a new version of its popular M4 shotgun: the M4 H20. As the name – and look – would suggest, the standard M4 has been upgraded to a more corrosion resistant variant.

    The new shotgun uses a Titanium Cerakote finish to achieve a greater degree of corrosion resistance. Parts that have been Cerakote treated include the barrel, receiver and magazine tube. The company also states that “critical internal components are also coated.” The bolt has a black Cerakote treatment.

    Benelli states it conducted extensive testing with the Cerakote process and the M4. According to the company, the Cerakote process protected metal in a 3,500 hour indirect salt water spray test that was conducted in a 95˚ F chamber. Additionally, Benelli tested the impact resistance of the finish. It found that the Cerakote process offered protection that exceeded the testing machine’s ability to measure, which topped out at 160 inch-pounds. (Can any readers can chime in on this level of impact resistance – is this as impressive as it sounds?)

    The 12 gauge gun has a 5+1 capacity and is equipped with ghost ring sights. A traditional stock and a pistol grip stock are both available. Sling attachments and a modified choke are standard. A Picatinny rail is on top of the receiver should you want to add a red dot. The MSRP is $2,299.

    Richard Johnson

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