Heartland FFA’s Mosin Nagant 10 Round Mag and Grip

    The Mosin Nagant may be overrated but I still like those old Soviet rifles, and most rifles from WWII as well. Mosins used to be dirt cheap and plentiful, now they’re harder to come by and prices have been creeping closer and closer to the $300 mark. That said there are still a lot of garbage rods out there and lots of people do modify them. I’m not a huge fan of Bubba’d Mosins, but I am ok with non permanent mods. One mod I’m actually interested in trying out is a 10 round magazine for my Mosin.

    I recently stumbled upon one from Heartland FFA. While theirs isn’t the first 10 round mag for the Mosin, there was this one from a while back and the Howling Raven mag, Heartland FFA is marketing theirs as both a magazine and a grip. Their 10 round mag features a non-slip textured grip that the shooter can hold onto which provides more stability as they miss their target. Heartland FFA’s mag and grip is made in the USA and should fit most Mosin Nagant variants and is easy to install. The best part is it retails for just $39.99 over at HeartlandFFA.com. Check it out in action below.

    Ray I.

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