Forgotten Weapons Gets To Shoot A Walther WA 2000

    Ever lusted after the obscure and ultra-scarce Walther WA 2000 semi-auto sniper rifle? You aren’t alone, I have often wondered how they shoot, what the trigger feels like and so on. Well, my friend Ian over at Forgotten Weapons had a chance to get behind one of these moon rocks. Lucky bastard.

    Ian let a teaser slip out on Reddit to get our mouth watering for more, and damned if it isn’t. I can only hope that he talks about the experience so I can live vicariously through him. Ian said ” A Walther WA 2000, in .300 Winchester Magnum. Shoots softer than a Garand. Easy, fast hits. Bipod of a FAMAS, for some inexplicable reason. It’s magnificent. Makes me a bit sad that I will never have one. That said, it does have all the foibles of an essentially pre-production design. Video coming soon (with high speed).”

    .300 Win Mag, shoots softer than a Garand, and surrender sticks?!? You have my attention.

    Check out Ian’s channel Forgotten Weapons on Youtube. He has a collection of videos on rare and obscure firearms that is nothing short of impressive. Hope you are ready to waste a few hours falling down the black hole that is Youtube.