The Bag Jack from Lyman

    Bag Jack

    Lyman’s got a new product that is designed to help you when shooting from a bench; it is called the Bag Jack. In simple terms, it is a scissor jack platform that can be used to raise your front bag rest. This allows you to get the perfect height for the rifle you are using regardless of how tall your bags are. If you’ve ever been at the range trying to get a bag rest at just the right elevation by using a second bag or backpack to stack the first on – well, I suspect you know what I’m talking about.

    The Bag Jack is made of steel and aluminum. The top surface is 10″x10″ so most bags should fit on it without a lot of overhang. Lyman coated the top surface with a non-slip texture. A twist knob facing the shooter allows for the up and down adjustments.

    Bag Jack

    The Lyman Bag Jack is sturdy and weighs about 6.5 pounds. The suggested retail price of the new product is $64.98. Street prices may be cheaper. For me, this puts it in the realm of things I am willing to pay for. I own a Caldwell Lead Sled that provides a good base for sighting in a scope, etc. However, it is also big and heavy. The Bag Jack would allow me to get better use out of my shooting bags without needing to lug the Lead Sled around.

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