[GAOS] IC13’s Glock Boot

    Last year I came across IC Arms & Accessories at the Great American Outdoor Show (GAOS) and posted about their AR-15 IC13 lock. Well they recently came out with a keyed lock for Glock Handguns. The IC-Lock for Handguns aka “Glock Boot” locks the Glock slide so the gun cannot be chambered or disassembled. The side opposite of the key hole is designed to interface with a wall mount so you can hang up your Glock if you so desired.

    One interesting side effect feature is when you do not keep the slide open with the slide lock and you unlock the Glock Boot. You can insert a loaded magazine and once you unlock the lock, the slide will close and load the chamber at the same time. The Glock Boot retails for $35.


    The Glock Boot will work with all Glock models except for the 42 & 43, however they do have a version just for those two models as well. IC13 also has a lock for the S&W Shield and are working on a new lock to work with Springfield XD. No word just yet on which XD models they will make the lock for. Possibly XDS, XD and XDM. Also no word yet on normal S&W M&P pistol locks just yet.

    For more information go check out IC13arms.com.

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