Why A Bolt Action Glock? Because California

    That’s why. After the passage of a set of draconian gun laws, manufacturing of semiautomatic handguns by individuals was banned outright. Meaning, if you want to build a pistol from an 80% kit, you are out of luck. That’s when Nate B., owner of Inlander Arms and designer of the Easy Bolt device got an idea – making semiautomatic pistols was illegal, but not bolt or break action handguns.

    Still having a hard time with the logic? I’ll have Nate explain:

    I’m a Bay Area native (BA Political Science SJSU) who enjoys shooting and the outdoors. My family, the beautiful scenery, and great people in this area offer compelling reasons to stay and enjoy life here. However, the state’s firearms laws are quite extensive compared to the rest of the country. Sometimes these laws are crafted with good intentions, but create onerous hurdles for average citizens to enjoy shooting and hunting. One example is the California Unsafe Handgun Act (which created a handgun roster).

    He goes on to say that for a number of years, FFL dealers would modify certain guns not listed on the roster by converting them to single shot form to adhere to a specific section of the law:

    12133 of the CA penal code:
    (b) The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to a
    single-shot pistol with a barrel length of not less than six
    inches and that has an overall length of at least 10 1/2 inches
    when the handle, frame or receiver, and barrel are assembled.

    Until a new section was added to outlaw the conversion of formerly semiautomatic handguns to single shot:

    (b) Article 4 (commencing with Section 31900) and Article 5 (commencing with Section 32000) shall not apply to a single-shot pistol with a break top or bolt action and a barrel length of not less than six inches and that has an overall length of at least 10½ inches when the handle, frame or receiver, and barrel are assembled. However, Article 4 (commencing with Section 31900) and Article 5 (commencing with Section 32000) shall apply to a semiautomatic pistol that has been temporarily or permanently altered so that it will not fire in a semiautomatic mode.

    In 2016, Polymer 80 began manufacturing and selling 80% Glock frames for shooters to build their own Glock patterned pistols. That’s when Nate invented the Easy Bolt.

    I quickly learned how to draft the design in CAD, get it prototyped and tested, and work with a well-known CA firearms attorney to get it approved for sale to the public. The device I invented is very simple and safe for the end user. The design has been optimized for easy manufacture and is compatible with Polymer 80’s next upcoming Glock 19 frame (1st quarter 2017). Furthermore, the design can be adapted to work with almost any current or future pistol on the market. FFLs want to use the Easy Bolt to get Lone Wolf Timberwolf frames into California (since the bare frames were never built into semi auto).

    I know now what you are probably thinking: “F California!”. And sure, you could easily say that and let the conversation end. However, there are tens of thousands of responsible shooters and firearms owners in California who need and/or want to stay in one of the most restricted states in the US. As technology advances, they need legal options to keep up.

    So laugh, cry and mock if you must. But remember, without innovators like Nate, there’s a good chance that California laws would be even more restrictive.

    Inlander Arms Easy Bolt


    Easy Bolt – Made in California (pre-sale MSRP $149.99)

    • CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum
    • SBR Rubber Slide Protectors
    • Steel High Hold Set Screws
    • Polymer80 PF940C (Glock 17) Compatible
    • Polymer80 PF940C (Glock 19) Compatible
    • Lone Wolf Timberwolf Glock 17 Compatible
    • Lone Wolf Timberwolf Glock 19 Compatible

    9 Inch Glock 19 Barrel – Made in Georgia by Dasan USA (pre-sale MSRP $129.99) – The same manufacturer Lone Wolf uses for their barrels

    • CNC machined from 416R Stainless Steel
    • Heat Treated
    • Groove and Land Rifling
    • Optimized Chamber Support and Feeding
    • Lead, Plated, or Jacketed Bullets OK
    • Broach Cut Rifling
    • Target Crown
    • Diamond Turned
    • Drop-In Ready

    About Inlander Arms and the Easy Bolt:

    Inlander Arms is a California-based firearms compliance parts and accessories distributor. Everything we sell is made in the USA with the highest quality materials and components. We set out in 2016 to give folks in California a way to build their guns legally. After months of development and legal work, we can confidently say we achieved this goal.

    Why is the Easy Bolt™ needed?

    California law requires all individuals building handguns to make it a single shot bolt action or break top action. Before the Easy Bolt™, there was no practical way for most people to achieve compliance. The only option was to hire a machinist or gunsmith to custom fabricate a solution. The Easy Bolt™ is universal in design and can help you stay in compliance with multiple builds.


    From the Inlander Arms Easy Bolt FAQ page:

    Q: Do I really need to build my 80% handgun this way to be legal?

    A: If you are a California resident and intend to build here, yes (AB 1964). If you plan on registering your gun, CA DOJ is asking for proof (pictures) of how it was built legally. Starting July 2018, all 80% builds will have to go through the registration process

    Q: How is this better than a complete upper/slide replacement?

    A: The Easy Bolt was designed to be as safe and cost effective as possible. You are converting a Glock slide without having to modify any of the critical (and proven) slide components that interact with the components on the frame. You are building in the intended caliber of the weapon, which might be an important legal distinction down the road. You can also test your completed pistol frame (fitting the rails and testing the trigger) without breaking the law.

    Q: Can I use this to do SSE2 transfers of pistols such as the Lone Wolf Timberwolf Glock frames?

    A: The way AB 1964 amended the single shot exemption to the Handgun Roster, you can no longer SSE handguns that were previously semi auto (such as a Gen 4 Glock 19). We developed this solution for 80% builds, but it might be possible to SSE a Timberwolf frame if it is truly a virgin frame. We do not explicitly advise anyone to attempt this without first consulting with an attorney and have the blessing from Lone Wolf or another FFL that is comfortable doing the transfer.

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