Beretta APX – More Information Released by Beretta

    Beretta has released more information about their APX pistol on their website (in Italian). They’ve shown several images and a video, as well as more technical specifications and general information about the APX. Let’s watch¬†the video first:

    So the gun will be offered in four frame color options: black, wolf gray, olive drab and flat dark earth.

    Just like SIG P320, Beretta APX has the trigger mechanism in a separate metal chassis, which allows swapping the frames on the same handgun. The chassis is the serialized part and it is considered the firearm (not the frame).

    The gun will also come with interchangeable backstraps of three sizes – small, medium and large.


    Magazine release button is not ambidextrous but it is reversible. Beretta also points out that they’ve designed the smooth external lines of the gun to make holstering and unholstering much easier. APX also has a striker deactivation button on the right side of the frame. It is for disassembly without the need to pull the trigger for dropping the striker.

    Decocking button

    The gun also has a firing pin blocking safety, which prevents the striker from dropping unless the trigger is pulled.

    The firing pin safety protrudes on the slide.

    Beretta has also released a .pdf brochure, which you can download right here.

    Here are some images of the gun:

    I think with the MHS¬†contract lost to SIG, Beretta will probably start “aggressively” marketing APX in civilian and law enforcement markets.

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