3D Printed Exploding Projectiles – For A Potato Cannon

    At the end of last summer I showed off a potato cannon that my father built 15+ years ago and went through some of the firing procedures. While launching spuds is both fun and satisfying, I’d be lying if I didn’t dream up ways to make tracers, flechettes and exploding shells. Sadly, acting on those dreams would likely put me in the purview of the Destructive Device sections of the National Firearms Act. So, until I’m licensed to manufacture exploding root vegetables, I’ll have to live through the scientists/experts on YouTube.

    The King of Random channel has a solid variety of entertaining and educational short videos p, some of which delve into the firearms world to explain how certain things work.

    In one of their latest episodes they show off a previously made cannon built from PVC piping. However, rather than heading down to the Piggly Wiggly for a sack of potatoes, the guys use a 3-D printer to make some aerodynamic projectiles.

    Not only that, but they leave their newly created grenades hollow, allowing for the addition of gunpowder. After filling each one with black powder, The King of Random team uses a pistol primer and a nail to “arm” the mini explosives.

    Sadly, we have to wait for the next installment in the series to see the results. I am looking forward to it – not for my own ideas, mind you, but in the name of science and experimentation, we all need to see if they were successful.

    Here’s a few screenshots, but scroll down for the imbedded video.

    3D Printed Exploding Projectiles For A Potato Cannon


    The King Of Random YouTube Channel


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