AR Style Safety Selectors For Shotguns

    Last year we posted about an improved safety for the Mossberg shotgun from CDM Gear. Well here’s something for the Remington and Benelli shotgun owners, the folks over at S2-USA just released their AR-15 style safety switches.

    The new S2-USA safety switch replaces the factory cross bolt safety on Remington and Benelli shotguns and allows the user to quickly disengage or engage their shotgun safety. If you’re an AR-15 shooter this is actually a pretty neat setup, you’ll already have the muscle memory that can then cross over to your shotgun. “Continuity of training” is actually what S2-USA had in mind when they developed their new safety switch. S2-USA also had unintentional discharges in mind. According to S2-USA shotguns are responsible for the most negligent discharges than any other firearm and that can be attributed to the cross bolt safety system. Whether that’s true or not may be debatable, are those stats actually recorded? True or not I do find AR style selector switches to be much easier and faster to use than the cross bolt safety on my Remington 870.

    The new selector switches from S2-USA install on your shotgun in minutes and they both retail for $47.95 over at

    Whether it’s in a police car, used by a SWAT or military breacher team or for home defense, the shotgun is one of the most used and purchased weapon around the world.  It is also responsible for more Unintentional Discharges, Accidental Discharges and Negligent Discharges than any other weapon system.  This is mostly due to the placement of the Cross Bolt Safety and the fact that people don’t train as much on their shotguns like they do on their M4/AR15s and handguns.

    Signature Solutions (S2-USA) created the world’s first M4 style selector switch safety for Remington and Benelli shotguns, with other brands on the way. Our mission is to ensure Continuity of Training and making the shotgun safer and more operator friendly for LE, Military and everyone who keeps a that 870 by their bed.

    The company was founded by former BIA special agent Judd Erickson. Kirt Rothe, a US Army Major & combat veteran and the former Department of Homeland Security Branch Chief of FLTCE.

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