The Beauty of Verdun – A Century Later by Drone

    Drones are a huge boon to the filmmaking world. Coupled with high-quality small cameras, drones can and do capture breathtaking footage of the world’s modern-day events. I would say there has not been a writer’s event that I have been to where there has not been a drone. The steady hum reassures us that all is being captured from above.

    Drones also have a significance in being able to go where often their human pilots cannot. In a poignant example, drones are being used to check on the various World War 1 battlefields throughout France, which still bears the scars of the Great War. Those scars do heal, which Gautheir Lefebvre has captured using drones on the vicious fields of Verdun and Fort Duoamont.

    To this day, nature has not fully reclaimed the battlefield. Trenches still snake through the landscape and foxholes created by constant shelling stand as a real-world example of the horrors of The Great War. Fort Douaumont still stands, destroyed on the outside, but still very much intact today, the final resting place of thousands.

    For those curios about the battle, The Great War is cataloged in detail by The Great War. Over 100 years ago, the Germans launched a massive offensive to bleed France dry. It almost succeeded and its clear by the footage, France is still healing from it.

    Nathan S

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