Kazakh made Thermal Sights adopted by Turkey

    Jane’s has reported that the joint Kazakh and Turkish defense company Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering has begun export of the Python thermal weapons sight to Turkey. The company is jointed owned by both Turkish and Kazakh partners, with a manufacturing base in Kazakhstan. The factory was opened up in 2014 and also focuses on heavier armament such as tanks and helicopters. The deal is worth $5.8 million and will allow Turkish snipers and machine gunners to have a thermal capability. The entire deal and cooperation is indicative of a very solidified and concrete relationship between the two countries in the defense industry.

    Based on the previous Boa thermal sight and although larger than most currently fielded U.S. or European thermal optics, the Python has the ability to clip to a nonintrusive heads up display that can be attached to a soldier’s helmet. This could possibly allow for a sniper to shoot his rifle accurately, without even raising his head above cover. It also appears that the system is using a number of digital features, something that we are probably going to be seeing more of in the coming years when it comes to thermal/IR or even regular scopes being adopted for military application.

    Frequency Band Long Wave Infrared
    Detector Uncooled Microbolometer
    Detector Size 384 x 288 pixels
    Magnificiation 3X
    Görüş Açısı 9.0° x 6.75°
    Min. Focus Range 20 m
    Electronic Zoom x2 and x4
    Weight  (w/o accessories) 1.7 kg
    Input Voltage 5-15 VDC
    Video Output CCIR-50 Hz
    Remote Control RS-232
    Mechanical Interface MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny)


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