Indonesian Pindad SSx 7.62×51 Battle Rifle

    Indonesia’s state owned defense company Pindad has been perfecting a battle rifle since the platform was first introduced in 2014. The rifle is called the SSx, short for Senapan Serbu, Indonesian for Assault Rifle. The SS series of rifles has been around for some time, comprised of modifications on a licensed version of the FNC that is in current service with the Indonesian Army. The SSx is a working prototype that hasn’t been adopted as of yet.

    The SSx appears to borrow a number of design features from both Kalashnikov and AR systems. It looks like the gas system is piston operated and has the curvature of a Kalashnikov gas block, sloping up into the handguard. I cannot find any photographs of the bolt as of yet, but I assume it is an AR based bolt design. The rifle is charged with a non-resipriocating charging handle on the left side. Handguards look like they disassemble with the top cover. The 12 o’clock position has a continuous picatinny rail, while other positions appear to just have bolted on picatinny attachments. The stock looks to be a Magpul UBR that is either imported into the country or copied/licensed in Indonesia. It isn’t fixed and folds to the right of the rifle when collapsed. Magazines appear to be of local manufacture, although there are some photographs with Magpul PMags inserted, so it must be able to take any 7.62x51mm NATO magazine. Bipods are either imitation or true Atlas bipods, and the barrel appears to have the ability to take a bayonet.

    Caliber 7.62 x 51 mm
    Weight (unloaded) 3.6 kg
    Length 920 mm
    Length (with folded stock) ?
    Barrel length 510 mm
    Muzzle velocity ~ 800 m/s
    Cyclic rate of fire 650 ~ 700 rpm
    Practical rate of fire 30 – 90 rpm
    Magazine capacity 20 rounds
    Sighting range ?
    Range of effective fire 800 m


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