PMAG Style Phone Charger

    Emerson, a Chinese airsoft gear company are converting a battery pack for a Kickstarter toy gun and re-shelling it as a PMAG. Click here to check out the kickstarter on the PP Gun.

    Below is a photo of the battery pack for the PP Gun.

    Below are pictures of the Emerson PMAG charger. It uses three 18650 li-ion cells. You must provide them.


    According to this website on Weibo, these will be available at the end of February. While cool looking, im not sure walking around in public with a mag pouch and one of these open carried is a good idea. Although if you have a white USB cable constantly plugged into it, it might dispel fear and ignorance. But probably not a good idea to carry onto a plane. TSA might have qualms about this.

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