P3 Semi-Automatic Handgun Racker

    The P3 Racker is a new product that was specifically designed for those with disabilities or the elderly, persons who might otherwise not have sufficient hand strength to functionally rack the slide on a semi-automatic handgun. Although I cannot see this tool being used in a self-defense situation, this allows for those who still want to enjoy a handgun collection at the range, without having to jeopardize any safety aspect, or overexerting when using the handgun.

    P3 Racker is a new, high quality hand tool built to last a lifetime.  It is designed for those with weak hand strength or other ailments, which cause them difficulty when attempting to rack the slides of their pistols.

    “Racking” is when the slide of the pistol is pulled fully back, either it locks on the pistol’s slide lock when the magazine is empty or it can be released, loading a round from a loaded magazine into the chamber as the slide returns to battery.  Battery is when the slide is in position to fire the pistol.

    The P3 Racker works on virtually all semiautomatic loading pistols and makes proper and safe racking of your pistol’s slide a breeze…

    The racking device could also be used by those who do possess the physical strength, but might possibly need such a device to exert even more force on a slide, for example when there is a stuck case, and jamming the handgun or front/rear sights on a hard surface won’t be a safe alternative or even possible. In addition, I can easily see certain collectors that don’t like handling their firearms with sweaty hands for fear of rust occurring on the slide and gloves might not be feasible.

    Various users have left their feedback-

    I bought one for someone who has very strong hands but the pinching action is impossible due to an injury.  He can probably out shoot most folks any day of the week, this tool assists with the racking function which is all he struggles with.  Thank you!

    My arthritis has kept me from being able to rack my pistols, this tool makes it easy.  Thanks.

    The device works by clamping a pair of rubber feet to the slide, then pulling on a lever from the rear, thus pressing the rubber feet inwards and allowing positive traction of the slide. Releasing the lever allows pressure to come off the slide, and the device to be released. MSRP is $39.95, with shipping included.


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