Jagemann Launches New Glock Magazines

    The Glock has quickly become the “AR-15” of the handgun world. Over the last few years, and especially this last year, companies have been flocking to offer products for the platform including slides, barrels, triggers, frames, and magazines. Perhaps most pronounced this year from SHOT is the additional companies getting into the Glock magazine game, this time including Jagemann.

    Previously, magazines have typically been limited to black, green, and FDE, but Jagemann has blown past this with offering a swath of colors including Tiffany Blue, Pink, Red, Brown, Green, and Grey (on top of the standard Black).

    Compared to OEM, the magazines are completely polymer and add various features standard that have typically been aftermarket add-ons. New features include extended base pad (+1 compared to stock), new feed lip geometries, “optimized” springs, tighter tolerances, and a thumb notch to ease reloading. (While MagLuLa’s are great, the last is a welcome addition).


    If anything, I truly appreciate the truth-in-marketing breaking away from “military grade” and going with “automotive grade” which is, in my experience, better.

    Pricing is live around $19.99 for both Glock 17 and Glock 19 models. For now, it looks like only Brown and Black have made it to the wild, but the other colors will be coming quickly.


    Feature Benefits
    Ease of disassembly Improved speed of cleaning while making the task easier
    Extended Base Pad Quicker and more responsive loading
    Improved follower geometry and round staking Eliminates jamming and short feeding
    Optimized spring power Dependable feeding without stalling slide
    Polymer material Doesn’t scratch/scrape on anodized and coated 17 frames
    Reinforced automotive-grade engineered resin Increased strength and stability
    Revamped feed lip geometry More time-efficient and reliable feeding
    Self-lubrication Consistent performance over time
    Thumb Notch Decreased loading time while making the task easier
    Tighter Tolerances Increased durability and improves magazine life
    Usability Easy to use and sized to operate right out of the box
    Nathan S

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