Anti-Orwellian Device from Bastiani Arms for CA MSR Shooters

    California-based firearms owners are now in the midst of their legislative squeeze. While the politics are indeed outside our scope here at TFB, it can be hard to untangle the pacing of legislative restrictions and new inventions that show the true “letter of the law”.

    Small California gun shop Bastiani Arms is yet another company stepping up to the plate to keep Modern Sporting Rifles relevant within California. While California has given the option to firearms owners to register their weapons, many are opting not to given California’s penchant for pushing the gun-control status quo. As such, they looked to various ways to inexpensively modify AR’s into compliance with California’s latest revision.

    The MOD 1 (“Mandatory Orwellian Device”) is a dead-simple part that replaces the bolt catch in an AR-15. Using the pivot point, the MOD 1 reaches down and locks a mil-spec magazine catch into place when the receivers are pinned together. When the pivot pin is released, the bolt catch plunger then pushes the MOD 1 away from the receiver, allowing the shooter to press the magazine catch and release the magazine.

    The MOD 1 has a huge cost savings advantage to it compared to the various other devices. As a single piece of steel, its costs are significantly lower (though it does remove the bolt catch functionality). Per KRCTV, Bastiani plans on selling for $10 a unit. The first units should be on sale March 1st.


    Nathan S

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