U.S. Army Eyeing Ballistic Computer Scope Tech

    Picatinny Arsenal is currently conducting trials and experiments on a prototype system named the “Ballistically Optimized Sniper Scope” (BOSS). Essentially it is the Army’s entry into what Barrett has been accomplishing with the BORS for a number of years, or a number of similar digitally optimized and guided scopes that many precision rifle/scope companies in the industry are pushing for. The Army’s variant appears to be attached to a Leupold Mark 4 6.5–20×50mm ER/T M5A2 (standard issue for the Remington XM 2010, pictured is a KAC M110 instead).

    The article points out that ammunition and rifle design have reached somewhat of a plateau when it comes to what is being fielded and making an actual difference downrange. Working on a common issue ballistics calculator for Army snipers could help push that envelope in ways that budget minded rifle and ammunition program couldn’t. In addition the article mentions that the capabilities of the device far exceed that actual capabilities of the rifles they are on when it comes to range. One of the essential mission sets for any sniper team is the ability to conduct Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR). Being able to accurately and precisely lase a distance, determine azimuth, and identify enemy forces at extreme distances is apart of that ISR capability. So even if a Sniper team can’t engage enemy forces, the team can call in accurate artillery or close air support assets in.

    With that being said, my opinion is that as long as the additional weight and bulk of this system serves to replace existing heavier and bulkier range estimation equipment, the trade-off might actually be worthwhile.


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