HK416 Magazines Gen. 2 .223 STANAG for sale in Germany

    If you want to run your Heckler & Koch rifle with original accessories only here’s your chance.

    There are now Generation 2 HK416 Magazines 223 STANAG for sale in Germany.

    They are €49 each which equates to about 52 USD. Yes, it costs a lot not not to compromise.

    Very cool magazine if you ask me and great for collectors and people who don’t want to run another Magpul PMAG.

    I’m tempted to buy one just for collecting, but the HK original steel magazines are available for the same price, and it’s probably one of the best magazines on the market (in my opinion).

    Unfortunately for US and other International customers ZIB Militaria only delivers accordingly: “Shipping inside Germany, Pickup on site Storage Hamburg, EU Zone 1 (all EU countries except Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Croatia), EU Zone 2 (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Croatia)

    Please don’t order if it’s against the law.

    The HK USA Webshop only have the transparent 30 round magazine in stock:


    Original H&K 30rds mag .223 “Gen2 PM”.

    MilSpec, Stanag fitting HK416, M4, M16…

    Probably the best 5.56 / .223 Mag that you find on the market.

    H&K liability and function + roughened surface and the great optic.

    New H&K item.

    HK added an interesting texture.

    Detailed picture.

    This is what it looks like on a HK rifle.

    There seems to be at least a few available.

    The link will take you to the webshop. Note: The point of this post is not to sell or promote magazines, just to highlight the fact that there is a new HK generation out. And if there’s not a link to the original vendor, there will be a lot of questions about it in the comments.

    Eric B

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