HK416 Lower and full auto parts for sale in Europe

    Heckler & Koch 416 “assault rifle lower receivers” are for sale in Germany.

    Just beware, as so called “free parts” might not be so free in your country or state.

    In fact they might be highly illegal. Where I live at the moment, lowers are “free”.

    It’s the upper, barrel and bolt which requires a license, so please check your local laws and regulations before even considering ordering these parts.

    The HK lower is described as (I think there are some translation mistakes, not mine):

    HK416 assault rifle lower receiver.

    Factory new item. TOP Price!

    Original Heckler&Koch rare item. Only limited quantity, when sold no more coming.

    Fitting on all M4 / M16 / AR15 and the clones.

    The buyer is reliable for his countries law. Shipping only inside EU.

    As described, the parts look factory new.

    The HK magwell has a nice flare, almost like some competition ready lowers.


    Yes, they have the other parts that go in there as well. “HK416 Trigger Parts Complete, Full Auto, H&K

    Pew – Pew – Pew, but only if local laws allow.

    HK416 Gasblock, 10.4″, H&K  14.5 16,5″


    HK416 Quad-Rail-Handguard, Long – 11″

    They also offer HK416 assault rifle PDW backstock, type 1 and 2, described as factory new and an original Heckler & Koch rare item. Not interested in the other parts as that would be very illegal, but I wonder if that PDW stock would fit my HK MR223?

    The German webshop also offers the HK416 Lower as semi-auto. (link clickable)

    Eric B

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