Taccom’s Ultra Lightweight 16″ 9mm Carbine Barrel

    So Taccom posted up a picture of their Ultra Light Weight 9mm carbine barrel. If you haven’t been paying attention to competitive shooting, Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) is the new hotness in USPSA. Interest in PCC has skyrocketed. Everyone is making PCCs and parts of PCCs.

    Taccom’s new ULW barrel is a short 7″ pistol barrel with a steel shroud welded onto the front end. Combined with their ULW handguard, which is a carbon fiber tube, it will be less than 1.5lbs in front of the magazine.

    With a tube handguard could this possibly affect the noise the gun makes? While this is simply a barrel shroud and there are no baffles, when combined with a tube handguard would that make the setup a giant chamber? Granted gas and noise can escape out the front of the handguard, but given that the ATF shut down SIG Sauer and their MPX “muzzle device” because it was a suppressor monocore baffle, I wonder if this will be shut down as well?

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