Russian Arctic Forces Learn to Drive … Reindeer Sleighs !

    Russian Northern fleet mechanized infantry units (also referred to as Arctic forces) have recently held training maneuvers in Murmansk, Russia. Among expected equipment such as skis and snowmobiles, they were also practicing to ride reindeer and dog sleds.

    All pictures by TASS news agency

    The idea behind those drills is to get familiar with using the sleighs, which are still one of the most used means of transportation in the arctic areas. The soldiers trained both driving and riding in the sleighs and did tactical drills using them combined with modern technology.

    During WW2 about ten thousand reindeer were used in the Soviet army. The main use for them was the evacuation of wounded soldiers, logistics, transportation of crashed planes and reconnaissance. They proved to be very effective in the harsh arctic climate back in WW2. So, perhaps Russian armed forces decided to renew the WW2 experience.

    Interesting to note that on some of the images weapons are equipped with blank firing muzzle adapters. You can also see blank rounds on the PKM machine gun belt. However, in some images the guns look to be in combat condition. I assume that the training includes both live and blank firing drills.

    Another interesting thing is that instead of a camouflage paint, most of the firearms are wrapped in white fabric.

    Here are some more pictures from that drills and if you scroll down all the way, you’ll also find a couple of videos.

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