Gladius Crossdraw Vest Holster

    Gladius makes custom kydex holsters. One of their latest holster designs is for use with a bullet proof vest.

    It has a unique open top design to allow the pistol to be rotated out to ease drawing it out of the holster. They are made for only a select line of pistols. At the moment they are only made for the GLock 42, 43, 26/27. They do make a version that will accomodate the Streamlight TLR6 weapon light.

    There appears to be a bit of an issue though with how this holster is utilized. It is a cross draw. Crossdraw holsters are a bit taboo in that you have to sweep your support arm and people behind you as you draw the holster.

    The holster is a bit pricey at $85 but it is unique. For more information go to

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