Sphinx 3000 To Return To The Market | SHOT 2017

    Like many CZ-75 fans I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Sphinx SDP Standard, that was announced at SHOT 2016. Sadly it appears that Sphinx is not going to be releasing the Standard. All is not lost though! They announced at SHOT that they will be re-releasing the Sphinx 3000 series of pistols.

    The 3000 series is a high-end CZ clone that became very popular with competitors overseas in practical shooting disciplines. When the 3000 was discontinued it went largely unnoticed in America but the loss was felt with overseas competitors who now had to turn to custom shops that specialize in tuning CZs. Then a further blow to the Sphinx line was dealt with Sphinx Systems AG declaring bankruptcy in 2015.

    It was starting to look like there was no chance of us seeing a full sized Sphinx in the US late last year, but KRISS USA, the sole importer and now manufacturer of the pistols said they are no longer interested in releasing the Standard and will be rolling out new production 3000’s, likely built right here in America. We were not able to shoot the 3000 on display and there was sadly only two at the show. At this time there is no release date or MSRP, a common phrase heard at SHOT.