4Sevens’ New WS1 Pistol Light | SHOT 2017

    4Sevens is starting to get into the weapon light market. They have been quietly making some great handheld lights for over the past 10 years. Their Quark series is rather popular as it is modular so you can choose different heads for different modes of light as well as different body lengths for your choice of batteries. I remember a few years ago when David unveiled his massive XM18 work light. It is discontinued now but it has 18 Cree XM-L leds and is powered by 28x RCR18650! It puts out 15,000 lumens for a solid hour or you can dim it down to 600 lumens to run for 24 hours.


    Lately, David has been making smart flashlights that can pair up with their 4Sevens app. The app will allow you to check the current battery life and remaining runtime, configure the modes and set proximity alarms.

    David has used this feature and integrated it into his WS1 weapon light. You can program the side switches so you can decide which one is for constant on and which one is momentary on. The WS1 features a secondary red nav light at the bottom of the pistol so you can use it to navigate in the dark without using the main white beam. More interesting is that the app reports the status of the WS1 and acts like a GPS tracker. Since the app is on your phone and you allow location services on the app, the app will mark the location of the phone the last time it paired up with the WS1. While it is not an up to date current live tracking of the WS1, it is a nice feature.

    The WS1 is powered by an internal rechargeable battery that you plug a USB cord into. There is a small sliding door to cover up the USB port but it is not waterproof.

    Here is the WS1 on an M&P compact. It attaches to pistol accessory rails and Picatinny rails.

    The WS1 will retail for $100 MSRP and will be 600 lumens at full brightness. According to David the WS1 will taper the light output when the unit starts to heat up.

    4Sevens also had a prototype tactical ball that acts like a flashbang but without the noise. David says it puts out 8k lumens.

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