Russia’s New Small Arms Training System Simulates Real Gunfire

    Russia has adopted a small arms training system called 1U35M (1У35М)․ It is designed by a company called TsNII Toch Mash (ЦНИИ Точ Маш, stands for Central Scientific – Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering). The system simulates both the gun report and the recoil impulse. So it is as close to a real gunfire as possible.

    This training system consists of the targeting sensors, sound and recoil imitation mechanisms and replicas of actual guns. The replica guns are identical to their real counterparts both in dimensions and weight. Controls of those training guns are also identical to originals. So the trainee can learn how to operate the weapon system (safety, magazine and charging handle manipulations) and how to aim/shoot. The built-in system fully duplicates the recoil of a real gun both in the single shot and full auto modes. This system is possible to use for AK-74, RPK-74, PKM, RPG-7 and GP-25 (under barrel grenade launcher) weapons training. Depending what kind of weapon is chosen, report and recoil imitation mechanism adjust accordingly. Shooters can also choose between different types of static or moving targets. The 1U35M collects the DOPE data of each trainee and allows to analyze shooter’s mistakes and correct the errors.

    Another part of the training system is the software for learning the theory of shooting discipline. The software allows simulating real word environments by inputting data such as distance to target, target size, wind speed and direction etc. Then with the preset ballistics of the chosen weapon, students can calculate the impact points and practice in making the proper adjustments on virtual scope reticles.

    This training system is a result of two-year work of the company and it allows quickly and effectively train a large number of recruits in a relatively short time period. Thirty sets of such systems are already in use with Russian armed forces and probably more will be supplied in future.


    Hrachya H

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