Novel Arms Optics | SHOT 2017

    Novel Arms is a Japanese optics manufacturer that is partnering up with LKCI, a Turkish based company that will be importing the companies optics from Japan into the United States. A number of optics companies have used Japanese manufacturing because of the high quality of glass that is available there. Novel Arms is essentially cutting the middle man out and bringing the product to the United States. At the LKCI booth, Novel Arms had on display, three of their scopes, a 1X red dot called the TDX-11, Mark III Short Illuminated Reticle Scope in 1-8X24, and a Dual Plane Reticle in 1-6X24.

    Most interesting to me was the TDX-11. According to the sales rep, the TDX-11 is shockproof rated at 1,000 Gs, whereas a Trijicon ACOG comes in at only 900 Gs. I’ve been looking for substantiated evidence of this online, but can’t seem to find any. Apart from the shockproof rating, the red dot sight is powered by a CR2032 battery, lasting up to 120 continuous hours when turned on. The light adjustments have increments between them so a user can adjust to a certain light setting, then turn the unit completely off, only to turn it back on directly to the desired light setting. This negates “scrolling” through every setting until a certain setting is achieved every time the scope needs to be turned on. Adjustments can be made in 50 MOA in either direction from the center through windage and elevation through .5 MOA increments. Currently, 3 MOA dot reticules are available, but the units can also be ordered with 6 MOA dots as well. MSRP for the scope was under the $400 mark, but please don’t quote me on that as I need to reconfirm. 

    According to the Sales Reps on duty, the TDX-11 is currently seeing active issue to the Japanese Self Defense Forces, in this case as a machine gun day optic.


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